“I have loved every moment spent volunteering with the Aurora Project Lambeth team, the other volunteers and the clients.”


Our volunteers are unique. Our volunteers are appreciated. Our volunteers are challenged. Our volunteers are supported.
Aurora Project Lambeth volunteer peer mentors have all been through treatment for substance use and are now in recovery. They all have one thing in common: they want to support other people.
Volunteering for Aurora Project Lambeth offers individuals the chance to:

· Receive extensive Peer Mentoring Training
· Gain a reference for future employment
· Complete a level 2 diploma in health and social care
· Meet new people and be part of our dynamic team (with lots of opportunities to team build, go on days out and socialise with other volunteers)
· Gain work experience in the health and social care sector
· Receive advice and support looking for paid employment

What is a Volunteer Peer Mentor?

We like this definition of mentoring:
“Mentoring is a relationship between an experienced person and a less experienced person for the purpose of helping the one with less experience. The protégé, or mentee, seeks the advice and support of the more experienced person. Mentors answer questions concerning the tasks that their protégés need to succeed in reaching their goals. The mentor provides wisdom, guidance and counselling as mentees advance their lives.”
Volunteer Peer Mentors support individuals accessing, undergoing and exiting treatment for substance or alcohol use in the borough of Lambeth.
Aurora Project Lambeth Volunteers carry out a range of tasks including:

1.      Meeting a client regularly to offer emotional support.
2.      Offering practical advice and support to clients around money and debt, general health, mental health, bereavement, housing and more.
3.      Accompanying clients to meetings with their housing providers, GP’s, Release and others.
4.      One off opportunities to accompany clients from Acute Assessment Unit (detox) to Rehab in another part of the country.
5.      Accompany clients to meetings, social clubs and activities within the borough. 

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